Version 9 of the PDF is Available

Version 9 of the PDF is available, which includes several typo corrections and a completed table of contents. Thanks to everyone who emailed in typos and mistakes that they spotted.

Link to latest PDF:


  1. I was trying the trace for, and there’s an error between lines 14 and 15, at step 10. The value of number changes.

    I realize that you want it to be both random, and not random, but you need to explain why something just changes.


  2. Great book.

    Minor error in Chapter 13. The written descriptions given for the chr() and ord() functions are backwards.

  3. Just the book style I was looking for. Makes an easier learning curve for me and the games are great. Thanks for your kindness.

    There seems to be a syntax error in Line 70 of the Hangman game and I can’t figure out what it is. Even compiling a copy direct from your site I still get this message

    My line (4 spaces indent) print(‘Missed letters:’, end=’ ‘)
    SyntaxError: (‘invalid syntax’, (‘’, 70, 30, “\tprint(‘Missed letters:’,end=’ ‘) \n”))

    EDIT FROM THE AUTHOR: You seem to be using Python 2 to run this code. All the programs in the 2nd edition use Python 3, which can also be downloaded and installed from

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