3 thoughts on “Version 9 of the PDF is Available

  1. I was trying the trace for guess.py, and there's an error between lines 14 and 15, at step 10. The value of number changes.

    I realize that you want it to be both random, and not random, but you need to explain why something just changes.


  2. Just the book style I was looking for. Makes an easier learning curve for me and the games are great. Thanks for your kindness.

    There seems to be a syntax error in Line 70 of the Hangman game and I can't figure out what it is. Even compiling a copy direct from your site I still get this message

    My line (4 spaces indent) print('Missed letters:', end=' ')
    SyntaxError: ('invalid syntax', ('hangman.py', 70, 30, "\tprint('Missed letters:',end=' ') \n"))

    EDIT FROM THE AUTHOR: You seem to be using Python 2 to run this code. All the programs in the 2nd edition use Python 3, which can also be downloaded and installed from python.org.

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