New “Choose Your Own Adventure” Game

Having a "Choose Your Own Adventure" style game for readers to look at was suggested to me, so I quickly wrote one up. The code is designed to be very simple, despite its length. There is no accompanying chapter, but I do provide a short description page.

The source code:

The description page:

These links are also on the Extras page on the main site.


  1. how hard would it be to integrate images into this? I was thinking like a background image per each option?

    also I got this error:
    teamcoltra@paradoxicon ~/Downloads $ python ‘/home/teamcoltra/Downloads/’
    File “/home/teamcoltra/Downloads/”, line 6
    print(’1 to ‘ + str(numberOfPaths) + ‘> ‘, end=”)
    SyntaxError: invalid syntax

  2. Thanks for the comment, Travis. I have since fixed that bug in the file that you mentioned. Thanks again!

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