New Extra Game: Connect Four clone

I have a text version of a Connect Four clone done. The AI for it looks ahead two moves, which makes it fairly impossible to beat unless you concentrate. I was planning to use this game for a chapter on recursion in my next book, but decided to publish the code for the text-version now.

Download (This is for Python 3, not Python 2)

The code has few comments, but looking at its source code might be a good exercise for someone learning to program. It's available on the book's website in the Extra section.

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Cipher Disk Cutout

Here's a cipher disk that you can print and cutout to help you manually implement the Caesar Cipher. A program to implement this cipher (and break the cipher) is available in Chapter 14 of the free programming book "Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python" at

Simply download and printout the PDF and cut out the two circles and place them on top of each other. The key number is whichever one is opposite the outer "A" letter.

Download the PDF

If you would like to change around the font or the logo, you can also download the original Photoshop file.

High resolution PNG files of the inner and outer circles are also available for download.

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