Free Music, Sound Effects, Tiles, and 2D Art to Use in Your Games

I've compiled a list of free graphics and sound files that you can use in your games. The chapter on using graphics and sound files with the Pygame library is in Chapter 19 of the "Invent with Python" book.

UPDATE: I just found a great, huge list: The Ultimate Indie Game Developer Resource List. There's also the Wikimedia Commons,, and, a free stock photography site.

2D Graphics, Art, and Tiles

Sound Effects


Useful Software

  • Greenshot - Take pictures of your screen. Helpful if you want an image of something that is on your screen.
  • Audacity Sound Editor - An excellent audio and sound file editor.
  • Tile Studio - A tile editor.
  • as3sfxr - A Flash tool for generating sound effects.
  • bfxr - Another Flash tool for sound effects.

3 thoughts on “Free Music, Sound Effects, Tiles, and 2D Art to Use in Your Games

  1. Hi all,great book but i get errors when i try to run any programme with sound files,it says unable to open the soundfile.wav.Do i need to install these file, i'm running python 3 on a linux system Anyone point me in right direction.. Thanks..

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