"MooseGesture" - Python Mouse Gestures Module

"MooseGesture" is a Python module that implements a basic mouse gesture recognition system. It can identify gestures made up of strokes in the eight cardinal and diagonal directions.

A mouse gesture is holding down the mouse button and moving the mouse cursor in a specific pattern to issue a command.
Mouse gestures are a way of dragging with the mouse in order to draw out a certain pattern. The most mainstream uses of mouse gestures in computer software are for web browsers. (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer)

Mouse gestures can provide an interesting game mechanic that you can add to your own programs (similar to what the Wiimote does in a few games).

You can download the module (and a simple Pygame test script that uses it) here:

MooseGestures & Test App (zipped)



Simon Gesture - A game that uses the MooseGesture module.

(The screenshot above shows the test app after entering a mouse gesture. It correctly identifies the gesture as Down Right Up.)

(The above screenshot shows a more complicated gesture: Down, Up, Down, Right, Left, Right.)

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