New Game Source Code: Four in a Row

I’ve made a Connect Four AI. There is a text-only version and a graphical version made with Pygame. You will need Python 3 (not Python 2) to play the games (and Pygame for the graphical version.)

In the graphical version, drag the red tokens over the top of the board to make a move.

Source Code and image files zipped. (text version, doesn’t need Pygame) (graphical version, needs image files)

Black token image, Red token image, Board image

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  1. Mentifex:

    Neat. Next it would be cool to port an AI Mind like into Python.

  2. Stas:

    Very nice game, I’m planning to integrate it into a collection of educational games for children, ‘childsplay’ which is licensed under the GPL-3 license.
    Can I put chunks of your code under the GPL-3 License ?
    Of course I will send you upgraded images for the game as well as any improvements we perhaps make.

  3. Will:

    I may be mistaken, but the text link seems to refer to a program that requires pygame.

  4. Al Sweigart:

    Thanks for pointing that out Will! I’ve fixed the link. It now goes to the text-based version of the game.

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