Pygame Cheat Sheet

If you already know a bit of programming and Python, and want to get up to speed on the Pygame 2D game framework, here's a cheat sheet that you can look over. It implements a very short Pygame program covering most of Pygame's basic features.

View the Pygame Cheat Sheet.

You can also download the Pygame program itself, along with the cat.png and bounce.wav files it uses. You will need to install Python and Pygame first to run this program. The program looks like this when you run it:


  1. Thanks for explaining PixelArray !

  2. Made me smile ! nice one ……

  3. Good work, now if there was one for pyglet … but I am lazy and don’t know enough about it.

  4. [...] started looking at the tutorials but it was going too slow for my taste, luckily they have a cheat sheet and online resources which gave me the tools I needed to start [...]

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