Chinese Translation of "Invent with Python" Started

Yuanle Qiu has started translating the "Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python" into Chinese. The first three five chapters are done, with more on the way. Thanks a lot Yuanle!

If you or someone you know can participate in translating "Invent with Python" into other languages (Hindi, Spanish, French, German, etc.) please contact Al for more information. "Invent with Python" is released under a Creative Commons license, so the translated works would be freely available to those who want to learn programming.

7 thoughts on “Chinese Translation of "Invent with Python" Started

  1. Wonderful to hear that Chinese translation is on the way....

    I have found this book several months ago and read it to learn Python at a very steep learning curve. So I think it is a wonderful book to introduce to my students and kids.

    May I join in this task??
    Perhaps I can do it bottom up, i.e., start from the last chapter.
    I am from Taiwan using traditonal Chinese.
    I hope my kids can have Chinnese translation to read and start programming as soon as possible.

    Ren-yuan Lyu ...
    Asscociate Professor,
    Dept. of Computer Science,
    Chang Gung Univ.
    Taoyuan, Taiwan

  2. Hello Al,

    I'm part of a (German) initiative to enthuse pupils about programming and computer science in general. Recently, we're teaching the kids python in a three-day-workshop using your "Invent with Python" book.

    When planning the workshop, I found out that there is almost no literature in German for children who want to learn programming using python, especially python3. Therefore I am interested in translating the book into German. Currently, I am writing my Bachelor Thesis, so I would start in February, 2012. But I'm definitely interested!

  3. I am interested in Spanish translation, I have some participation on the Python-ES and Python-MX mailing lists, so maybe some people are interested in contributing with some bits.

  4. I like your book a lot. I will try to translate it to Polish for my boys who are to small to read it in English.

  5. Hi Al,

    Please let me know when (if) you will need a hand for translating IYOCGwP to Spanish. As mentioned in my e-mails, I will be happy to contribute.

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