My awesome exciting indie Pygame games: “Look At This Rock” and “Look At This Rock 2: A Different Rock”

Here are a couple games I wrote. The first was so popular that I made a sequel:

Win32 EXEs and source:

Look At This Rock

Look At This Rock 2: A Different Rock

Source (requires Pygame to be installed along with Python):

Source: and PNG

Source: and PNG



  1. Newbie here. I downloaded it, but there was no “” module to import (see line 14). Am I misunderstanding how this is supposed to work?


    Thanks for providing the source code. It’s too complex for me to fully understand, but I’ll try to dig into this and see if I learn how to control such complex interactions!

  3. Nice, but it needs some music.

    Maybe orchestral rock?

  4. @Kait:

    >Source (requires Pygame to be installed along with Python)

    Install pygame, or run the win32 exe instead.

  5. Outstanding. In a similar vein, I’d love to see a Python version of “Don’t Shoot the Puppy”.

  6. I like this! Congrats on BEST GAME OF THE YEAR

  7. I hope you don’t mind but I created a web game based on some of the ideas you experimented with in “Look at this rock”. You can find it at :)

  8. When you reach 100 points the rock moves!

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