My awesome exciting indie Pygame games: “Look At This Rock” and “Look At This Rock 2: A Different Rock”

Here are a couple games I wrote. The first was so popular that I made a sequel:

Win32 EXEs and source:

Look At This Rock

Look At This Rock 2: A Different Rock

Source (requires Pygame to be installed along with Python):

Source: and PNG

Source: and PNG


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  1. Kait:

    Newbie here. I downloaded it, but there was no “” module to import (see line 14). Am I misunderstanding how this is supposed to work?

  2. Thomas A R Woelz:


    Thanks for providing the source code. It’s too complex for me to fully understand, but I’ll try to dig into this and see if I learn how to control such complex interactions!

  3. Sofox:

    Nice, but it needs some music.

    Maybe orchestral rock?

  4. Elliot:


    >Source (requires Pygame to be installed along with Python)

    Install pygame, or run the win32 exe instead.

  5. Simon Hibbs:

    Outstanding. In a similar vein, I’d love to see a Python version of “Don’t Shoot the Puppy”.

  6. Meepy:

    I like this! Congrats on BEST GAME OF THE YEAR

  7. Codahk:

    I hope you don’t mind but I created a web game based on some of the ideas you experimented with in “Look at this rock”. You can find it at :)

  8. Dkaz:

    When you reach 100 points the rock moves!

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