The Things I Hate About IDLE That I Wish Someone Would Fix

I’m sure this is due to some sort of tk issue, but it’s annoying.

3) PROBLEM: There’s no obvious way to stop a running program. (Don’t expect them to know Ctrl-C)

Beginners won’t know or be able to remember the Ctrl-C trick to interrupt some infinite loop. MIT’s Scratch has a good idea where the program is started by clicking on a green flag and stopped by clicking on the red stop sign next to it. A small red icon with a “Stop the current program” tooltip would be great, or at least having a menu to invoke a keyboard interrupt would be better than expecting them to remember a keyboard combination.

4) ANNOYANCE: Get rid of the detachable menus feature.

Enough said. Clicking on those “———” options in the menu to make them into their own standalone windows is a weird feature that I don’t see anyone, especially beginner coders, make use of. Just get rid of them. No other software does that because if the user wants a shortcut to the menu, that’s what keyboard shortcuts are for.

5) PROBLEM: Opening a file editor window or a shell window isn’t clear.

On the shell window, you have File > New Window. This isn’t clear that it is opening a file editor window, as opposed to another shell window. It should be renamed to File > New Editor Window.

On the file editor window, you have Run > Python Shell to re-open (or re-focus if it is open) the shell window. Two problems: The Run menu is in the middle of the menu bar. This is an option that belongs under File. And second, “Python Shell” isn’t a clear way to say that it is going to open a new window. It should be moved and renamed to File > Python Shell Window (or maybe File > Shell Window)

6) PROBLEM: IDLE crashes when you quit a Pygame game without calling pygame.quit().

I know this is probably some generic leftover-references problem, but Pygame is a fairly major library that new programmers use (game making being a big way people get into programming.) But I’d agree with the Raymond Chen/Sim City approach and go ahead and make a specific change to check if Pygame was loaded and pygame.quit() was not called by the time sys.exit() was called.

7) ANNOYANCE: It’s too easy to forget the .py extension when saving a file.

My text editor detects when I’m trying to save a file without an extension, and offers to add the .txt extension. This is handy, especially given that IDLE’s file editor turns off syntax highlighting when the file doesn’t end with .py (even though you can still run this “non-python” file just the same).

8) NEW FEATURE: Get rid of the Windows > Zoom Height feature. Get rid of it and replace it with a standard “Tile Horizontally” and “Tile Vertically” option, so that  the shell window and the editor window can easily be both maximized and seen at the same time.

9) ANNOYANCE: Get rid of the Edit > “Show surrounding parens” feature. If anything, it should be done automatically all the time whenever the cursor moves around the file editor window.

10) PROBLEM: The Debugger UI needs to be cleaned up.

The user interface for the debugger is ugly. The four checkboxes are silly. The Locals and Globals displays don’t expand well when the debugger window expands. There are no keyboard shortcuts for the stepping buttons. You can’t adjust the size of the Locals display when the Globals display is open. Et cetera.

11) PROBLEM: The Configure IDLE UI needs to be cleaned up.

A slider bar for setting the standard indentation width? A select list for the font size instead of a combo box? The Ok and Apply buttons are always enabled even if no changes have been made? No “Reset to Defaults” button? The “Custom Highlighting” fieldset on the Highlighting tab needs to be redesigned. The “Autosave Preferences” should be settable from the dialog box that prompts you to save when you run a program.

And am I the only person who noticed that the Help button doesn’t actually do anything?

12) NEW FEATURE: Add an option to show line numbers along the left side of the editor window, and have it enabled by default.

The entire status bar is wasted screen real estate because it is only used for that tiny display of the current line and column. Also, why even bother having that status bar with line/column information for the shell window?

13) ANNOYANCE: The Indent Region and Dedent Region lines use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-] and Ctrl-[, even though nobody uses that because you can indent the region by pressing tab. However, there is no dedent by using Shift-Tab. Add that.

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