What Professional Games Use Pygame?

Galcon 2 is a high-paced space shooter game. Gameplay video

SolarWolf is an updated clone of the 1983 arcade shooter Solar Fox. It is included with several Linux distributions. Download links Gameplay video

División Especial de Detectives is an original puzzle game in Spanish that explores the culture and history of Uruguay. Gameplay video

The Witch’s Yarn is an interactive story game from Mousechief. Gameplay video

While not a game, someone has mentioned that the Minecraft editor MCEdit used Pygame. MCEdit tutorial video

Feel free to add any other professional-quality games that have been made using Pygame in the comments section!

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  1. Michael:

    Don’t forget Unity of Command! This turned out to be one of the best wargames of the past few years.


  2. Jim:

    What is an ‘oriental themed’ game?

  3. Willrandship:

    @Jim Oriental refers to the far east ie. China, Japan, Korea.

  4. Al Sweigart:

    Thanks for the suggestion Michael! I’ve added Unity of Command to the list. It looks like a great game.

  5. Luke:

    My Ex-Boyfriend the Space Tyrant! is new and python

  6. Luis:

    If you like visual novel you can check these games:


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