3rd Edition Released

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The 3rd edition of "Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python" is now available. The 3rd edition has been streamlined to provide the same content but in 50 fewer pages, making it an easier read. If you've already read the 2nd edition, there's no need to read the 3rd (unless you want to sharpen your Python skills). But for new readers, Invent with Python should be even easier to pick up.

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The 3rd edition is also being used for the translations. Currently the Spanish translation is online (though incomplete). The German and Dutch versions are nearing completion as well.

3 thoughts on “3rd Edition Released

  1. Hello Al! I've been following your books for a while and reading them whenever I have the chance. I'm very interested in game development with Python. Where can we publish a Python-based game if we want to make money ouf if it? Thank you!

  2. Hey Al

    Love your books. I stuck at Chapter 17: Installing Pygame. I'm using Python 3.5 on a Mac 10.10. Pygame 1.9 can't be installed because pygame requires system python 2.7. What do I do next?

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