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Source Code


Zip file of source code for all programs.

Chapter 3, Strings
Chapter 4, Guess the Number
Chapter 5, Jokes
Chapter 6, Dragon Realm
Chapter 9, Hangman
Chapter 10, Tic Tac Toe
Chapter 11, Bagels
Chapter 13, Sonar
Chapter 14, Caesar Cipher
Chapter 15, Reversi
Chapter 16, AI Simulation
Chapter 17, Graphics and Animation
Chapter 18, Collision Detection and Input
Chapter 19, Sound and Images [graphics files]
Chapter 20, Dodger [graphics files]

Copy and Paste

You can also select the text of the source code below, and copy & paste the code into IDLE.

(Click on the text field, then press Ctrl-C to copy.)

You can also download the Python 2 version of the programs in this book.