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Rough Drafts of My Next Two Books Are Available

Wed 07 September 2011    Al Sweigart

I've decided to make the incomplete rough drafts of my next two Python books available.

Become a Codebreaker with Python

Making Graphical Games with Pygame

The emphasis is on "rough" and "incomplete", but I thought it would be better to give a preview of the direction I was going. These books are also available under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license like the first "Invent with Python" book.

The Code Breaker book is aimed at complete beginners who have never programmed before, and as such has a lot of the same content as Invent with Python. It covers various encryption programs, and also how to write programs that can break encryption. (It's an intro to programming and cryptography at the same time.)

The Pygame book is aimed at people who have read the first book or have a moderate amount of Python experience, and want to learn how to use the Pygame library to make graphical games. So far, the book really only has the source code for the games that will be in the book (these are the same programs that have been featured on this blog before.)

Hope you enjoy them. Feel free to send any ideas on content or presentation to me (don't bother with typos and such, these are incomplete drafts and those are probably known issues.) [email protected]






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