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Calm Programming Video Series

Sat 06 March 2021    Al Sweigart

I've started a new video series of me silently coding a small game project from scratch. The Calm Programming series are meant to be coding videos that you can watch while playing the music of your choice. They aren't quite the same as tutorials: they don't have screen capture and aren't narrated, though you can turn on captions for some explanations.

The premiere episode is creating a text-based blackjack card game from scratch.

I'm pulling the projects from my collection of short, text-based games at this repo which will be featured in my upcoming book, "The Big Book of Small Python Projects" from No Starch Press.

I plan on making some improvements to the format based on my experience with the first episode: I'm going to lower the screen brightness to reduce glare, cover the phone camera's screen so it doesn't reflect off the laptop screen, changed the terminal windows font to be larger and a light gray, and show a demonstration of the completed game at the start of each episode. I'm welcome to new ideas or suggestions: [email protected].

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