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Book Review: Tiny Python Projects

Thu 13 January 2022    Al Sweigart

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Writing for an intermediate audience is hard, but Ken Youens-Clark has nailed it with Tiny Python Projects. This is a great book for those who have dabbled with a few beginner Python tutorials but still feel like they don't "get" programming. The projects in this book are short and simple; perfect for beginners who want to get experience with actual programs instead of just code snippets.

The book covers many classic programs: Tic Tac Toe, Mad Libs, 99 Bottles of Beer, a password generator, and more. Youens-Clark uses these projects to discuss several intermediate and advance topics such as regular expressions, file i/o, random number generation, unit tests, ASCII values, parsing CSV files, and several others. I recommend this book for anyone who has been wanting to level up their coding skills, or even for beginners who aren't afraid to dive right into programming.

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