Extra Content

This page is reserved for additional content that wasn't placed in the book. This includes extra programs and info that is related to the book, but was left out in order to keep the size low.

The Null Cipher program worked by adding a certain number random nonsense characters into the plaintext to create the ciphertext. Decrypting involves picking out the characters based on their position. For example, if the key is 570, then five random "nulls" are inserted before the first plaintext character, then seven nulls before the second plaintext character, then zero nulls before the third plaintext character, and then five nulls before the fourth plaintext character, and so on. The ciphertext will end up being much larger than the original plaintext. Download nullCipher.py

The Null Hacker program will brute force a null cipher-encrypted ciphertext and use English detection to see if it has found the correct decryption. Download nullHacker.py