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Pygame Cheat Sheet

Fri 07 October 2011    Al Sweigart

If you already know a bit of programming and Python, and want to get up to speed on the Pygame 2D game framework, here's a cheat sheet that you can look over. It implements a very short Pygame program covering most of Pygame's basic features.


Virtual Caesar Cipher Wheel program

Sun 18 September 2011    Al Sweigart

The Caesar Cipher Wheel is a paper cutout that can be used to perform encryption and decryption in the Caesar Cipher. However, if you don't have a printer but do have Python and Pygame installed, you can use this Caesar Cipher Wheel program to rotate a virtual cipher disk instead.


Cipher Disk Cutout

Wed 09 February 2011    Al Sweigart

Here's a cipher disk that you can print and cutout to help you manually implement the Caesar Cipher. Simply download and printout the PDF and cut out the two circles and place them on top of each other.