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Tue 09 August 2022

New Book: The Recursive Book of Recursion by Al Sweigart

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My new programming book, the Recursive Book of Recursion, is released in August 2022. The book covers several classic recursive algorithms and breaks down recursion's fearsome reputation as a programming technique. The book has the code for its numerous programs in both Python and JavaScript. When you buy it direct from the publisher, No Starch Press, you'll receive a DRM-free ebook copy with your print book order.


Sat 26 June 2021

New Book: The Big Book of Small Python Projects

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My new book, The Big Book of Small Python Projects, is now available from No Starch Press. It's free to read online under a Creative Commons license. This book contains 81 small but complete programming projects written in Python. These projects are designed to help new programmers who have learned the basics see what real programs "look like". These aren't code snippets, but actual, full programs that you can run. At the same time, they are small enough so that their source code is easy to understand.


Wed 07 September 2011

Rough Drafts of My Next Two Books Are Available

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I've decided to make the incomplete rough drafts of my next two Python books available.

Become a Codebreaker with Python

Making Graphical Games with Pygame

The emphasis is on "rough" and "incomplete", but I thought it would be better to give a preview of the direction I was going. These books are also available under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license like the first "Invent with Python" book.